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Numerology and tarot: Fours

Numerology and tarot: Fours

The Fours associate with consolidation, safety and stability, we lay down the foundation for the future by peace, rest and recovery. If Threes are expansive and artistic, the Fours represent accumulation, compression and conservation of energy. This natural force balances the Threes and is the last point of rest before you dip into the unstable energy of the Fives.

You can compare the first four denominations to the seasons. Aces – spring, the first seeds and sprouts start to appear, the snow starts melting, and it is the beginning of a new cycle. Twos – summer, the plants starts rooting and start growing stems and leaves, realizing its potential. Threes – autumn,
fruiting, ripening, and collecting the harvest. Fours – winter, peace, conservation of energy, an adult plant grows, sleeps and during this time grows long roots and gets ready for the next cycle.

Here are a few life examples of the Fours.


Four of Cups

It is here we see that not everything in our relationship with others – is total love and perfection. Love tension, the stormy romance and lust of the early stage are left behind, the reality is knocking on your door, and with it a new opportunity for a friendlier relationship. It is a test of our ability to see the things the way they are, and to establish a deeper relationship that is not based on fleeting enjoyment. Alternatively, we can realize that there was nothing lasting, and fall into boredom. This stage is comparable with a middle age crisis or to establishing martial relations. If a couple can overcome it together, their marriage will be more lasting and stronger. Alternatively, they might do something that they will come to regret later (Five of Cups).    


Four of Wands

This card represents celebration, but also formalization of a business or of a romantic relationship; they grow into a partnership and lay the foundation for the future. It is here that we become fully committed and sign consent to live according to certain, jointly established rules and ethical standards, which, of course, limits some freedom of action during the future, but also provides a strong and stable basis for mutual growth and development with the chosen partner.


Four of Swords

A period of calm reflection after a painful experience, which expanded our understanding about others, the world and ourselves. It takes time to heal our mental wounds, and to positively integrate the gained knowledge. It is here that we try to integrate this new experience into the system of our worldview and try to fully realize it. It could be a vacation that was spent alone, dedicated to seeing where the sea of life will take us; a period of rehabilitation after a surgical operation, a mental illness or addiction to drugs; or simply a small vacation at your own expense after finishing a particularly hard project at work.


Four of Pentacles

This card symbolizes consolidation of our finances and of our material property. In a positive sense, after the expansion and risk of the Threes we do a small rollback, then we make sure of our capability of securing the future. We can focus on carefully preserving assets rather than investing in dubious enterprises. We start making bank accounts and saving money for college for our children and for ourselves when we are old. We protect our money with insurance and skillful banking management, refusing any risky gambles. We start working on our physique and go on a diet, trying to extend our youth and health.