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Moon phase today

Moon phase today

16 Moon Day

Stage: waning

The next new moon is at 14 Oct 2023, 17:55 (GMT UTC).

What is the lunar day?

A lunar day lasts from a moonrise until the next one. An exception comes from one of the lunar days, its beginning is connected with a new moon.

Continuity of the lunar days differs. Some lunar days can last just a couple of hours. Others, around a day.

Moon phase calendar

Waning moon

After the full moon ends, another phase begins – the waning phase, during which it is necessary to finish started projects or businesses, analyze your successes and failures. Operations during the waning moon are more favorable. Trying to lose weight or attempting to quit smoking is more effective during these days.

During the third quarter all your attention should be focused on completion. It is better to not start new tasks. Especially, if you are not sure, that you will be able to finish everything before the start of a new lunar month.

The fourth quarter – is a period of passivity. Strength is starting to fade. All of the energy has been used up as well. The person gets tired and should forget about any new beginnings. It is better to indulge in analysis and awareness of the wisdom of life.