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Moon phase today

Moon phase today

7.2 Moon Day

Stage: waxing

The next new moon is at 4 Aug 2024, 11:14 (GMT UTC).

What is the lunar day?

A lunar day lasts from a moonrise until the next one. An exception comes from one of the lunar days, its beginning is connected with a new moon.

Continuity of the lunar days differs. Some lunar days can last just a couple of hours. Others, around a day.

Moon phase calendar

Waxing Crescent

Identifying a Waxing Crescent moon is easy. A letter P should form, if you put an imaginary line between the two “horns”.

It includes the 1st and the 2nd quarter

During the first quarter by the lunar days calendar it is necessary to engage in planning, realizing the things you want to achieve. Boldly making goals and thinking of ways achieving them. Though, going into action is not recommended for now.

During these days there will be possible obstacles, instability in the emotional body and internal conflicts.

Second quarter – is the perfect time to act on your plans. Spiritual powers go through the roof, realizing your dreams becomes easy. Your chances for success increase manifold.

Though advertising activity and public appearances are recommended to be rescheduled to be closer to the full moon.