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Numerology and tarot: Fours

The Fours associate with consolidation, safety and stability, we lay down the foundation for the future by peace, rest and recovery.

Lenormand Oracle

How did the famous fortune teller predict the future? Contrary to popular belief, she didn’t only use her cards. She used horoscopes, numerology, fortune-told by using colors and aromas...

Numerology and tarot: Threes

Threes are associated with the Empress and represent a fruitful alliance of pure male (represented by the Mage) and pure female.

Numerology and tarot: Twos

Twos associate with the High Priestess and represent a reflective and contemplative female energy. Here, we take our new idea...

Numerology and tarot: Aces

Aces, at least in my understanding, represent a conscious element. In other words, in the context of predictions ...

How the Tarot cards work

Do you know how the tarot cards work? It is not difficult to understand. Just read the post to know how they work.