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a good place where you can tell fortunes.

Free Tarot Reading

Meliorem has spreads for different life situations:
Love Tarot Reading, Moving House and many others Tarot Readings.

Also you can read Tarot Card Meanings and Lenormand Card Meanings

The detailed descriptions of the spreads and card meanings will allow you to obtain a detailed answer to your question.

You will be able to get your cards manually instead random generation.

Receive an answer to any question by using divination on our website.

You can start guessing and return to it later at any time, the site will store information about the order of the cards and divination. Accidentally closed tab will not spoil your reading.

The ability to save your spreads. It will be helpful if you want to perform, what cards say for some length of time. For example, you got an answer to your question, then actively worked recommendations the cards and do a spread again. It is easy and is available for all registered users.

On the website updates occur, we add new decks and divination, and soon will open a new section that will be interesting for many people who likes Tarot.

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