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Numerology and tarot: Twos

Numerology and tarot: Twos

In Twos, we find the next stage in the manifestation of a new idea. Twos associate with the High Priestess and represent a reflective and contemplative female energy. Here, we take our new idea and carefully think over it, plan its realization, begin our preparations and weigh our capabilities. The key aspect of the Twos – is the choice between two alternatives; keep what you already have, or try something new; evaluate a new idea and then decide if you truly want to pursue it. Here we review this new idea, emotion, beloved and then decide, if we want to pursue it or to set it aside and wait until the next one. In Twos, there are interactions with others – “I” or “Not me” and decisions, which will have far-reaching consequences, are made.

Here are a few examples from life on the subject of Twos.


Two of Cups

Our surge of emotions toward another person, which grows into a relationship. It is that stage, during which we get to know each other better, and then decide if it is worth making it a long-term relationship. We learn each-others advantages and limitations. Our compatibilities and incompatibilities, but for now, we do not make any decisions. Gradually, we start thinking how our future would be with this person, even if we do not speak about it.


Two of Wands

We think about starting a new life. We have stable old structures, but we want to leave them behind and move into a different direction and literally become a new person. We weigh the degree of risk in comparison to our expansion of the horizon, but for now, we are just sitting at home and are just relishing in its safety. This could be a teenager, thinking about moving from his parents’ house, or an adult, making a hard decision about divorcing, or a businessperson, receiving a job offer in a different country. Right now, we are weighing all reasons and considerations, making plans and doing all the necessary preparations.


Two of Swords

This is the first time that we ever tell anyone about our idea and are listening to his reaction (negative or good). We are trying to understand, whether it is a good idea that is worth working on or just your imagination running wild. We study the situation on the “Idea market”, making sure that no one else had this idea, and if anyone did, what did they think of the idea, and if it is possible to translate it into practice. For now, we do not go into action and leave the idea to cook in its juices for a little longer, getting ready for the final decision, is this idea worth pursuing?


Two of Pentacles

Here we find ourselves on a material level face to face with a decision, colored in additional emotional overtones. We are open to new possibilities and have in our mind more alternatives, than we can possibly keep for a long period of time. Inside ourselves, we keep fighting the need to choose, which of them we should keep, and which we should let go. A new opportunity (Ace) has already entered our life, but, in order to be able to use it, we will have to let go of something else. An example could be starting a new business, while continuing working a full workday. You know, that in this situation there will be only two outcomes – either the new business will pay off, and you will be able to quit your old job, or, the new business will fail, and you will come back to your old work, but without the tiring extra hours spent on your business. Here we try to decide, whether this financial or business alternative is good, and if it is worth spending all your time and resources into it.