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The Cross

The Cross

The Cross Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Duty
  • Conviction
  • Suffering
  • Burden
  • Intolerance
  • Principles
  • Indoctrination

The Cross Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

While the Cross can be representative of organized religion, this Lenormand card’s meaning can also be expanded to include the concepts of ideology and responsibility - such as when we come across the phrase “one’s cross to bear”. Ideologies direct our goals, our actions and our values - they create a division between what is “good” and what is “bad”. They tell us what we should do and what we should not do, and can become incredibly harmful when taken to extremes. It is through ideologies that we learn to judge others, and judge ourselves - sometimes going too far and creating a culture of intolerance.

Because ideologies have value judgements, they become closely tied with this Lenormand card’s other meanings. Sometimes what is considered the “right” thing to do can drive us towards great accomplishments and fulfillment, but it can also, especially in cases where those ideals and principles are far too extreme, become a heavy burden. We cannot be perfect creatures all the time, we are only human.

Questions to Ask with The Cross

  • Where in life do I feel burdened?
  • What are my values and why?
  • What do I consider absolutes in my life?
  • Where am I being too judgemental?

The Cross Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Six of Clubs
  • Number: 36
  • General Feeling: Negative
  • Planet: The Black Moon
  • Zodiac: Lilith
  • Timing: 2 - 3 weeks

The Cross Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Riderpainful message, difficulties
2. Clovertaking responsibilities lightly, taking morals lightly
3. Shipexploring ideologies, traveling and discovery create suffering
4. Housefamily can be a burden, suffering inside family
5. Treepain and suffering, firm roots, convictions
6. Cloudsconfusion from religious dogma, uncertainty causes suffering
7. Snakeburdened by one's desires, to strive despite suffering
8. Coffina painful ending, deep suffering coming from loss
9. Bouquetsocial life is a burden, suffering for social life
10. Scytheresponsibility of ending, sudden pain and suffering
11. Whipsuffering from aggression, to take abuse
12. Birdsworries about responsibilities and burdens
13. Childinexperience is a burden, suffering because of one's vulnerability
14. Foxconflict between duty vs self, suspicion is a burden
15. Bearleadership is a burden, a suffering leader
16. Starsconflict between individual spirituality and religion
17. Storkresponsibility creates transformation, transformation in how we deal with suffering
18. Dogfriendship can be a burden, loyalty can be a burden, following dogma
19. Towerloneliness creates suffering, the burden of authority
20. Gardenfame is a burden, suffering in public, cultural burden
21. Mountainunbearable challenge, obstacle causing suffering, obstacle to ideology
22. Crossroadfreedom vs responsibility, a painful choice, burdened by choice
23. Miceunhealthy ideology, convictions are decaying
24. Heartlove can be a burden, love causes suffering
25. Ringcommitted to responsibility, promise that burdens, bound by suffering
26. Bookthe burden of truth, religious knowledge
27. Lettercommunication is a burden, communicating one's suffering
28. Mana religious man, a man that is burdened, feminine duties
29. Womana religious woman, a woman that is burdened, feminine duties
30. Lilyburden of sensuality, sensuality causes suffering, virtue is a burden
31. Sunfinding joy with responsibilities, finding joy despite suffering
32. Moonsuffering from emotions, deep suffering
33. Keyopening up to responsibility, opening up to suffering, vulnerability is a burden
34. Fishthe burden of financial responsibilities, wealth can be a burden
35. Anchorfinding stability in religion, holding onto dogma