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The Snake

The Snake

The Snake Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Desire
  • Seduction
  • Deception
  • Craving
  • Attraction
  • Sexuality
  • Wisdom
  • Forbidden Knowledge

The Snake Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

As one of humanity’s most ancient symbols, seeing the Snake in your Lenormand reading can reflect many aspects and faces of this animal. Desire and craving, or ambition is one of these facets, especially a desire of the sort that very strong, almost consuming. Some of these desires can be harmless, and others, when uncontrolled, can lead to a kind of addiction. There is also the sense that the kind of desire that is represented by the snake is so strong, that incredible determination comes alongside it - sometimes making for an almost single-minded focus.

Another facet of the snake can involve deception - to be specific, the kind of deception that is calculating and self serving, almost manipulative.

Another interpretation of the Snake card in Lenormand that is rarely used, but just as important, is its wisdom and knowledge. While in more traditional interpretations, such as the ones above, it has been plastered with morality, there is a more pure reading of the snake that has none of those value judgements. In other cultures, their intelligence is revered, and sacred, and even in western interpretations, we must remember that it was the snake that brought us truth - though, forbidden truth.

Questions to Ask with the Snake

  • Why do I desire the things I do?
  • How far will I go to get that which I desire?
  • What do I desire that is forbidden to me?
  • Is my desire controlling me?

The Snake Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Queen of Clubs
  • Number: 7
  • General Feeling: Negative
  • Planet: Moon
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Timing: Planned

The Snake Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Riderdeception, painful news
2. Clovertaking your desires lightly, to desire luck and risks
3. Shipdesire to travel, desire to explore, sexual exploration
4. Houseto desire family, conflict between desires vs tradition
5. Treesickness, health issues, to desire health
6. Cloudsconfusion about desires, confusion caused my manipulation
8. Coffinputting your desires to an end, giving up your desires
9. Bouquetmanipulation by flattery, to desire attention
10. Scythean end to ambition, sudden desire
11. Whipto create pain by lies, to create pain by manipulation
12. Birdswanting too many things, messy ambitions
13. Childimmature desires, someone easy to manipulate
14. Foxselfish desires, suspicion about deception, caution about one's desires
15. Bearto desire power, a manipulative leader
16. Starsspiritual leader, desire for spiritual growth, seduced by spirituality
17. Storkto desire transformation and change
18. Dogto desire friendship, a manipulative friend
19. Towerambition creates loneliness, desiring authority
20. Gardento desire fame, public knowledge about one's desires
21. Mountainto desire challenges, obstacles in your desires
22. Crossroadindependence, following your instinct
23. Micedesires and motiviation are decaying
24. Heartto desire love, a love that is manipulative, conflict between desire vs love
25. Ringto desire a commitment, commitment to one's ambitions
26. Bookacademic ambition, craving knowledge
27. Lettercommunicating your desires, communication with a goal
28. Manan ambitious, seductive or shrewd man
29. Womanan ambitious, seductive or shrewd woman
30. Lilycraving / addiction to sensual pleasure, conflict between desire and virtue
31. Sundesire for happiness and seeing positives
32. Moonto desire understanding of one's emotions and fears
33. Keyto desire freedom, to desire achievement, revelation about one's desires
34. Fishdesire for wealth, greed
35. Anchordesire for stability, attached to ambitions
36. Crossburdened by one's desires, to strive despite suffering