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The Tree

The Tree

The Tree Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Growth
  • Grounded
  • Past Connection
  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Health

    The Tree Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

    This card can comment on a variety of things - though in more general situations, it focuses on wellbeing and health - both in a physical and a spiritual sense. The tree asks us to look at ourselves from a wholistic perspective. Perhaps it is an indication to take a walk with nature.

    Our roots lie far back in our pasts, so timing wise, it tends to refer to past events and situations - a current moment grounded in what came before. Like a tree, what is happening today perhaps took quite a bit of time to grow - but what came out of that time created security.

    With its many intertwining branches, it also reminds us that we are all connected - and thus the card can also indicate there is a deep bond between two people in a reading.

    Questions to Ask with the Tree

    • What does your higher self say?
    • How does this help me develop as a human being?
    • From when did this start happening?
    • How do I find connections between myself and others?

    The Tree LenormandCorrespondences

    • Card Symbol: Seven of Hearts
    • Number: 5
    • General Feeling: Neutral
    • Planet: Saturn
    • Zodiac: Capricorn
    • Timing: 9 - 12 Months

      The Tree Lenormand Combinations

      Paired CardCombined Meaning
      1. Riderhealth news, visitor with roots in the past
      2. Cloverrecovery from sickness
      3. Shipspiritual journey, travel for one's health
      4. Househome repairs, stability in health
      6. Cloudsspiritual uncertainty, uncertainty about health
      7. Snakesickness, health issues
      8. Coffinmajor illness, severe depression, declining health
      9. Bouquethealing, nature, good health, wellness
      10. Scythesurgery, health procedure
      11. Whipphysical abuse, pain
      12. Birdsspeech issues, vocal problems, spiritual
      13. Childpregnancy, childhood health issue, sick child
      14. Foxundiagnosed health issue, misdiagnosed issue
      15. Bearweight gain, overwhelming condition, expensive illness
      16. Starsrecovery, healing, treatment
      17. Storkfollowing nature, birth, pregnancy
      18. Doglasting friendship, deep connection, sick pet
      19. Towerhospital, clinic, physical control
      20. Gardenfresh air, spa, garden, communal nature projects
      21. Mountainexhaustion, blockages to recovery, physical challenges
      22. Crossroadchanges in direction, spiritual path, decision about health
      23. Micedecline in health, stress, drained, weak immune system
      24. Heartheart issues, strong relationship, romance, compassion
      25. Ringpartnership, physical connection
      26. Bookhealth exam, unknown health issue, studying nature
      27. Letterlab results, health report
      28. Mansick man, male doctor, healer, male ancestor
      29. Womansick woman, female doctor, female ancestor
      30. Lilyhealth issues from age, sexual health, inner strength
      31. Sunlots of energy, strong health
      32. Moonmental health, emotional health, melancholy, intuition
      33. Keyrecovery, fate, family secret, releasing from restrictive family
      34. Fishincrease in wealth, financial stability, family business
      35. Anchorstable health, physical restraint, strong stability, routines
      36. Crosspain and suffering, firm roots, convictions