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The Book

The Book

The Book Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Secrets
  • Knowledge
  • Education
  • Information
  • Research
  • Studies

The Book Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

One of the more simpler cards in the deck, the Book is representative of knowledge, education and learning. It is also associated sometimes with secrets and truth - things that can be discovered with the aid of knowledge. As the card of all those that seek truth, it usually represents the process that we go through to gain knowledge, such as becoming a student, or going through a period of intense study.

Another simple reading of the book Lenormand card is that of intelligence, specifically in the context of academic intelligence - the knowledge that one gets through a formal education. In some situations though, knowledge and intellectuality can also create snobbery.

Some interpretations also include secret knowledge, or esoteric knowledge - what is written within a book’s pages are sometimes not yet discovered by the reader, and it is only through research and study that one can access truth.

Questions to Ask with the Book

  • What is it that I need to learn?
  • What am I keeping secret?
  • What knowledge am I missing?
  • Where can I find truth?

The Book Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: 10 of Diamonds
  • Number: 26
  • General Feeling: Neutral
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Timing: Future

The Book Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Ridera secret message, educational news, discovery
2. Cloverlearning for fun, not taking education seriously
3. Shipknowledge about faraway places, exploring new studies
4. Housefamily knowledge, secret in family, being home schooled
5. Treehealth exam, unknown health issue, studying nature
6. Cloudstruth is hidden, confusion about studies
7. Snakeacademic ambition, craving knowledge
8. Coffinpainful truth, ending one's education
9. Bouquetpraise over one's education, enjoying one's education
10. Scythereveal a secret, knowledge about danger, hurtful truth
11. Whipknowledge as a weapon, knowledge of abuse, painful keeping a secret
12. Birdsprivate knowledge, worried about education
13. Childa young student, very little education, starting education
14. Foxsuspicion about knowledge, self-education, suspicious information
15. Bearteacher, being dominated by educational achievements, powerful knowledge
16. Starswishing for knowledge, studying spirituality
17. Storkknowledge transforms, knowledge about transition
18. Dogknowledge about friend, educated friend
19. Towereducational authority, university, intellectual snobbery
20. Gardenpublic knowledge, classes
21. Mountaindifficult education, obstacle to learning
22. Crossroadeducation opens freedom, educational choices
23. Micelittle education, misinformation, knowlege about illness
24. Heartthinking vs feeling, knowledge about love, secret love
25. Ringknowledge about a relationship or contract, commitment to education
27. Lettercommunicate knowledge, communicate education
28. Manman who is well educated, truth about a man
29. Womanwoman who is well education, truth about a woman
30. Lilypassion about education, pleasure from education, pure facts
31. Sunsuccess at school, knowledge brings success
32. Moonemotional knowledge, knowledge about fears, education on psychology
33. Keyfinding out the truth, education opens up doors
34. Fishknowledge about financials, vast knowledge, expensive tuition
35. Anchorsafety in knowledge, holding on to truth, stability in education
36. Crossthe burden of truth, religious knowledge