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The Heart

The Heart

The Heart Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Love
  • Amicability
  • Romanticisation
  • Forgiveness
  • Reconciliation
  • Softness
  • Charity

The Heart Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

The Heart Lenormand meaning is that of love - not necessarily romantic love, but a love that can extend to any being, and can be expressed in any way. Perhaps, another word we can use to explain this card is compassion. In some readings, especially those that are on the topic of a relationship, the heart is one of the most positive cards you can get about a romantic situation. There is a genuine and heartfelt connection here.

Sometimes though, our infatuations get the best of us, and our love of someone or something may make it difficult for us to see their flaws. We can start believing what we want to believe about them. So while this card generally can be positive, we must also ask ourselves whether we are not seeing the whole picture here.

When the heart shows up in readings outside of the scope of romance, it usually indicates that there is empathy, compassion and care in this reading, whether it is with friends, family or the community. Decisions here are being made with consideration to all, and with the best interests in mind.

Questions to Ask with The Heart

  • How can I be more loving?
  • Where in life can I be more compassionate?
  • Where I being too idealistic?
  • Who can I be more compassionate to?
  • How can I show my love?

The Heart Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Jack of Hearts
  • Number: 24
  • General Feeling: Positive
  • Planet: Sun
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Timing: Springtime

The Heart Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Ridernew love, a message of love
2. Clovertaking a relationship or compassion lightheartedly, an opportunity for love
3. Shipexploring romance, travelling for love, discovering love
4. Housea loving family, a private love, to love the familiar
5. Treeheart issues, strong relationship, romance, compassion
6. Cloudslove creates confusion, uncertainty about love
7. Snaketo desire love, a love that is manipulative, conflict between desire vs love
8. Coffinending of love, ending of compassion, grief about lost love
9. Bouquetloving social circle, flattery in order to gain compassion
10. Scythebroken heart, ending a relationship, ending with compassion
11. Whipconflict about love, a lover's quarrel, meeting hate with compassion
12. Birdsworries about love, anxieties about love
13. Childloving child, inexperience about love, child needing compassion
14. Foxselfish love, suspicion about love, self love
15. Bearlove is power, compassion is power, a loving leader
16. Starsa spiritual love, the hope for love, trusting in love
17. Storkchange in our feelings of love, love can transform you
18. Doga compassionate friendship, a loving friend
19. Towerdistancing oneself from love, isolation vs compassion
20. Gardenloving social network, a compassionate community
21. Mountainrelationship challenges, obstacles to compassion
22. Crossroadlack of clarity on relationship, unsure of where to show affection
23. Micedwindling compassion, dwindling love, an unhealthy love
25. Ringa commitment from the heart, a marriage, bound by love
26. Bookthinking vs feeling, knowledge about love, secret love
27. Lettera love letter, compassionate communication
28. Manmarriage announcement, new commitment
29. Womanmarriage announcement, new commitment
30. Lilypassionate relationship, complete full-hearted love, loving kindness
31. Suna happy relationship, love that brings joy
32. Moona love filled with deep emotions, desiring love
33. Keyopening up to love, the solution is love, to love and understand
34. Fishthe value of love and compassion, buying love
35. Anchorfinding security in love, holding onto a relationship
36. Crosslove can be a burden, love causes suffering