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The Key

The Key

The Key Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Openness
  • Revelation
  • Unlocking
  • Achievement
  • Liberation
  • Resolution

The Key Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

When we see the Key in our Lenormand readings, we are coming across something that will open up new pathways for us. That means that what was perhaps an obstacle for you in the past is now dissolving. This new pathway can be interpreted in several ways - sometimes it can be the removal of a physical obstacle, or it can come in the form of a new way of thinking that lets you open your eyes and your heart to new possibilities and perspectives - a revelation of some sort that gives you a new solution.

Other times, the Key can also mean freedom from past restrictions; imagine being locked up in a cell where, but finally having the key to get out. Whether real or psychological, the key can represent freedom from some kind of confinement.

Finally, the Key can mean achievement, for it gives us access to what we need in order to make it through to the other side, and achieve our goals.

Questions to Ask with the Key

  • What am I being freed from?
  • What am I missing to achieve my goals?
  • How can I open up closed doors?
  • What would I like to achieve?

The Key Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Eight of Diamonds
  • Number: 33
  • General Feeling: Positive
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Timing: Long Lasting

The Key Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Riderimportant news, significant person
2. Cloveran easy way out, taking an opportunity
3. Shipbeing open to travel and exploration, discovering opportunities
4. Houseconflict between tradition vs new methods, revelation about family
5. Treerecovery, fate, family secret, releasing from restrictive family
6. Cloudsconfusion about newfound freedom, to find a solution out of confusion
7. Snaketo desire freedom, to desire achievement, revelation about one's desires
8. Coffinopening up to grief, acceptance of an ending
9. Bouquetopening up to compliments, opening up to social life
10. Scytheopening oneself to danger, opening oneself to putting an end to something
11. Whipopening up to criticism, leaving oneself open to abuse
12. Birdsworries about opening up, anxiety about a revelation
13. Childcuriosity, vulnerability, opening up to something new
14. Foxconflict between suspicion vs openness, caution about opening up
15. Bearopening up to a leader figure, boundaries being overpowered
16. Starsunderstand one's true desires, experiencing enlightenment
17. Storkopening up to change and transformation
18. Dogopening up to a friend, a new discovery about a friend
19. Towerfreedom from loneliness
20. Gardenrevelation about the public, a public discovery
21. Mountainfinding a solution to a problem, opening up to a challenge
22. Crossroadopening choices, absolute freedom
23. Miceopenness causes vulnerability, decay of ones understanding
24. Heartopening up to love, the solution is love, to love and understand
25. Ringto enter into contract, to make a promise, commitment to understanding
26. Bookfinding out the truth, education opens up doors
27. Letterthe solution is communication, an open communication
28. Mana revelation about a man, an open or nosy man
29. Womana revelation about a woman, an open or nosy woman
30. Lilyto open up to sensuality, virtue opens new experiences
31. Sunto discover and open oneself to happiness, understanding what happiness is
32. Moonunlocking the subconscious, new awareness of dreams
34. Fishrevelation about business, discovering wealth or value
35. Anchoropening up to setting down roots, understanding what holds us
36. Crossopening up to responsibility, opening up to suffering, vulnerability is a burden