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The Ring

The Ring

The Ring Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Commitment
  • Promise
  • Honor
  • Partnership
  • Cooperation
  • Cycles

The Ring Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

Commitment and agreements, whether in love, business or anything in between, are represented by the ring in Lenormand readings. Something links two things together, a connection - which can be both practical or emotional, mutual or one-sided. Though it can represent the link between two people or organizations, it can also represent a commitment to a principle, an idea, or a value - a pledge that one makes towards oneself. The commonality between all these readings of the ring card is that one is bound by honor, morality, and sometimes even legal arrangements.

To see this card means that you must consider the weight of all the commitments that you make - that your promises reflect on your character and your standing.

Sometimes, the ring appearing in a Lenormand reading can also signal a process or event that is repetitive and cyclic, and you may be feeling as though you are going around in circles.

Questions to Ask with the Ring

  • What commitments am I making to both others and myself?
  • Can I keep the promises that I make to others?
  • What problems do I keep getting caught up in?
  • How can I better cooperate with others?

The Ring Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Ace of Clubs
  • Number: 25
  • General Feeling: Neutral
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Timing: Repetitive

The Ring Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Ridermarriage announcement, new commitment
2. Clovertaking a commitment lightly, lack of commitments
3. Shipcommiment to exploration, conflict between commitment and exploration
4. Housecommitment to family, deep family connections, commitment to tradition
5. Treepartnership, physical connection
6. Cloudsconfusion about commitment or promise
7. Snaketo desire a commitment, commitment to one's ambitions
8. Coffinending a commitment, break a promise
9. Bouquetsocial commitment, a promise of a visit
10. Scythebreak a promise, ending commitment
11. Whipa painful promise, being connected by hate, anger or violence
12. Birdsnervousness about commitment, worries about promise
13. Childa new commitment, a promise about or with a child
14. Foxsuspicion about commitment or promise, a commitment based on self-interest
15. Beara promise that dominates life, a strong bond or promise
16. Starsfaith in a commitment, commitment to dreams, honor
17. Storka commitment to change, changing commitment
18. Dogbound by loyalty, a promise to a friend
19. Towera rational connection, bound by pride
20. Gardena public commitment, a shared commitment
21. Mountainan obstacle to commitment, a difficult commitment
22. Crossroada choice about commitment, making different promises
23. Micea dishonest promise, a harmful commitment
24. Hearta commitment from the heart, a marriage, bound by love
26. Bookknowledge about a relationship or contract, commitment to education
27. Lettermaking promises, communication about promise, contract
28. Mana man that is committed, or bound to something, or has relationship with querent
29. Womana woman that is committed, or bound to something, or has relationship with querent
30. Lilycommitment to lover, commitment to purity
31. Suna promise that brings happiness, committing to something with happiness
32. Moonemotional commitment, an intuitive connnection
33. Keyto enter into contract, to make a promise, commitment to understanding
34. Fisha business commitment, a financial contract
35. Anchorfinding security in a promise or in a commitment
36. Crosscommitted to responsibility, promise that burdens, bound by suffering