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The Ship

The Ship

The Ship Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Departure
  • Farewell
  • Distance
  • Voyage
  • Travel
  • Journey
  • Adventure

The Ship Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

At the heart of the Ship card is the concept of travel, of journeys and all that one experiences during it. It can very well mean taking a trip of some kind to a far off place, but it can also signify the mental state of travel - the desire to see new places, to explore and to voyage into the unknown. Regardless of whether you are actually, physically making a journey, this card signals heading out on an adventure of some sort - where you are going far from what is familiar.

This card can also imply distance to its surrounding cards, sometimes concerning long-distance relationships, far away family, or an overseas business trip - depending on your question and the other cards in the spread. This definition too, can also be more metaphorical in nature. While you may be in close proximity physically to something, you may not feel close to it.

Finally this card can also signal the choice to move away from something. While journeys can be taken in the search for new, unexplored realms, there are times too when we must undertake a journey in order to leave something else behind.

Questions to Ask with The Ship

  • Where in life is unexplored for me?
  • With what or with who do I feel distanced from?
  • How can I be more adventurous?
  • What am I looking for?
  • What am I trying to get away from?

The Ship Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Ten of Spades
  • Number: 3
  • General Feeling: Positive
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Timing: A Long Time

The Ship Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Ridermessage from far away, distant news
2. Clovera lighthearted journey, to discover an opportunity
4. Housemoving away from tradition, leaving home
5. Treespiritual journey, travel for one's health
6. Cloudsconfusion about journey, journey with no destination
7. Snakedesire to travel, desire to explore, sexual exploration
8. Coffinend to journey, end to travel, to bury one's craving for adventure
9. Bouquetexploring social life, leaving current social circle
10. Scythea painful goodbye, end of a journey or trip
11. Whipmoving away from aggression, discovering conflict
12. Birdsnervous excitement about travel, worry about travel
13. Childinexperience in traveling, new journey, exploring playfully
14. Foxa selfish journey, exploring one's self
15. Bearsearching for a leader, moving away from dominant figure
16. Starswish to travel, searching for meaning
17. Storktravel creates inner transformation, a journey of transformation
18. Dogsupport during travel, a journey made with a friend
19. Towera lonely journey, searching for solitude, exploring solitude
20. Gardenexploring culture, foreign cultures, a lucky discovery
21. Mountainobstacles to travel, discovering challenges
22. Crossroadexploration of choices, trying different directions
23. Micesense of adventure is decaying, decay is spreading
24. Heartexploring romance, travelling for love, discovering love
25. Ringcommitment to exploration, conflict between commitment and exploration
26. Bookknowledge about faraway places, exploring new studies
27. Lettercommunication about journey, exploring ways of communication
28. Mana traveling man, a man with wanderlust
29. Womana traveling woman, a woman with wanderlust
30. Lilyexploring sensuality, exploring ethics and morality
31. Suna happy journey, discovering or searching for happiness
32. Moonexploring one's intuition, fear of travel or exploration
33. Keybeing open to travel and exploration, discovering opportunities
34. Fisha costly journey, a profitable journey, discovering value
35. Anchora safe journey, feeling restrained from exploration
36. Crossexploring ideologies, traveling and discovery create suffering