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The Stork

The Stork

The Stork Lenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Change
  • Transition
  • Movement
  • Recurrence
  • New Cycle
  • Yearning

The Stork Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

When seeing the Stork in your Lenormand readings, the card can indicate changes, transitions and transformations. The Stork is known as a bird with long migratory patterns, sometimes traveling between seasons between the southernmost tip of Africa to Europe.

Sometimes, this migration can be literal - you may be going through a geographical relocation. But more often, it can be a figurative movement - where you are going through a process where you are redefining certain aspects of yourself. Usually, this is something that starts from within; like the a change in the way you define love, or your own identity. This tends to shape the actions you take and how you make choices. The inward change radiates outward, and it is most times, a very slow process. To understand where in life you’re changing, you’ll have to take a look at the surrounding cards.

Finally, since migratory patterns are seasonal, the Stork card can also indicate cycles and returns. That means you can find yourself in recurring situations or feelings.

Questions to Ask with The Stork

  • What is no longer serving me and needs to change?
  • What situation do I find myself in again and again?
  • How can I escape the cycle?
  • How can I reach my highest potential?

The Stork Lenormand Correspondences

  • Card Symbol: Queen of Hearts
  • Number: 17
  • General Feeling: Neutral
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Timing: Long Lasting

The Stork Lenormand Combinations

Paired CardCombined Meaning
1. Riderbirth announcement, news of change
2. Clovertaking one's transition lightheartedly, changes that don't bring lasting change
3. Shiptravel creates inner transformation, a journey of transformation
4. Housechange in home life, traditions are changing
5. Treefollowing nature, birth, pregnancy
6. Cloudsconfusion about change and transformation, confusion about direction of change
7. Snaketo desire transformation and change
8. Coffinputting an end to transformation, transformation in dealing with grief
9. Bouquettransformation in social life, getting admiration from one's changes
10. Scytheending transformation, sudden transformation
11. Whiptransformation causes shame, shame and aggression are transforming to something else
12. Birdsworry about change, transformation in communication
13. Childthe start of a new transformation, child or a naive person is transforming
14. Foxself-transformation, suspicion about a transition or change
15. Bearchange has become overpowering, leadership is going through transformation
16. Starsdesire for transformation, positive transformation
18. Dogtransformation in friendship, a friend is going through transition
19. Towerauthority is changing, solitude can transform you
20. Gardenpublic transformation, societal change
21. Mountainchallenges to transformation, transformation is being blocked
22. Crossroadrediscovering freedom, returning to choice
23. Micetransition is one that is harmful, transition is unhealthy
24. Heartchange in our feelings of love, love can transform you
25. Ringa commitment to change, changing commitment
26. Bookknowledge transforms, knowledge about transition
27. Lettercommunication creates transformation, communicate about transformation
28. Mana man going through changes
29. Womana woman going through changes
30. Lilysexual transformation, moral transformation
31. Sunfinding joy in a transformation or change
32. Moondeep desire, emotional transformation
33. Keyopening up to change and transformation
34. Fishtransformation in one's thinking about business
35. Anchora focus on transformation and change, a focus on movement
36. Crossresponsibility creates transformation, transformation in how we deal with suffering