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The Star

The Star

The StarLenormand Meaning Keywords

  • Hope
  • Inspiration
  • Optimism
  • Spirituality
  • Dreams
  • Progress to Goals

      The Star Lenormand Card Meaning and Interpretation

      Traditionally a symbol of wish fulfillment, the Star indicates progress towards one’s goals. As a strongly positive card, it stands for hope, positivity, and dreams coming true. Like the north star, whose guidance leads weary travelers towards their destination, our aspirations and dreams help us stay the course towards our highest ideals. This card represents both the journey towards those visions, and the dream itself.

      Sometimes, it can also mean hope and trust - in moments of doubt, the star beckons us to have faith that all will turn out well in the end, that the path is sometimes long and winding, it cannot always be straightforward and smooth. When we look up at the stars and contemplate the vastness of space, we are humbled - for we remember that although we are only a tiny fraction of the universe, it is all interconnected. Our understanding of it is limited by human comprehension, meaning that sometimes, trust is all we can have.

      Questions to Ask with the Star

      • What are your biggest, most wildest hopes and dreams?
      • How can you have more trust and faith?
      • Where are you lacking faith?
      • What inspires you?

      The Star LenormandCorrespondences

      • Card Symbol: Six of Hearts
      • Number: 5
      • General Feeling: Positive
      • Planet: Neptune
      • Zodiac: Pisces
      • Timing: Night, Winter

          The Star Lenormand Combinations

          Paired CardCombined Meaning
          1. Riderhappy news, faith that all news is meant to be
          2. Cloverbelief that all will turn out as it means to, trust in luck
          3. Shipwish to travel, searching for meaning
          4. Housetrust in family, dreams about home and family
          5. Treerecovery, healing, treatment
          6. Cloudsconfused about meaning in life, loss of trust in universe, hopelessness
          7. Snakespiritual leader, desire for spiritual growth, seduced by spirituality
          8. Coffinloss of meaning, loss of hope for ones dreams
          9. Bouquetdreaming of better situations, hopes for social situation
          10. Scytheloss of hope, sudden change in dreams
          11. Whipmeaning in suffering, questioning faith
          12. Birdsmany dreams, faith is erratic, dreams are unstructured
          13. Childchildish hopes, hopes for a child, new wish
          14. Foxfalse hope, conflict between hope and suspicion
          15. Beara spiritual guardian, large spiritual influence
          17. Storkdesire for transformation, positive transformation
          18. Dogtrusting in friendship, trusting in loyalty, wish for great friendship
          19. Towerhigh hopes, wish for higher position, a spiritual authority or institution
          20. Gardendreaming about fame, trust in society
          21. Mountaindoubting your hope, difficulty in finding hope or trust
          22. Crossroadchoices based on dreams, following hopes, hopes are blocked
          23. Miceworry about one's future, slow decline in hope
          24. Hearta spiritual love, the hope for love, trusting in love
          25. Ringfaith in a commitment, commitment to dreams, honor
          26. Bookwishing for knowledge, studying spirituality
          27. Letterdesiring communication, prayer, award
          28. Manhopeful, trusting or spiritual man, man with many wishes
          29. Womanhopeful, trusting or spiritual woman, woman with many wishes
          30. Lilydesiring sensuality, sex and spirituality, trust in purity of intentions
          31. Sundesiring happiness, following happiness, success
          32. Moontrust in emotions, daydreaming
          33. Keyunderstand one's true desires, experiencing enlightenment
          34. Fishhope for wealth, trusting in prosperity
          35. Anchorholding onto hope, strong faith
          36. Crossconflict between individual spirituality and religion